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Salary, conditions and working hours

Salary and employment conditions
An employment contract must be drawn up, and the intern is non-terminable during the agreed-upon internship period. However, the first month of the internship period is a trial period where both parties have the option to terminate the contract without notice.

The employment contract must meet the conditions specified in the Employment Contracts Act. You can find the Employment Contracts Act here.

 If the internship host terminates the internship during the trial period, the host must either provide the intern with employment until a new internship can begin with another host or cover the intern's return travel expenses.

Salary and employment conditions must adhere to the applicable collective agreements for interns. You can find information about salary and the collective agreement through GLS-A , or 3F.

Interns are covered by and insurance scheme, which is administered by PensionDanmark. The company will report and pay for the insurance. Further details about the scheme can be found at

For additional information regarding salary and employment conditions concerning maternity leave, vacation, illness, etc., you can contact the employee organization/ Trade Union, 3F, or the employer organization, GLS-A.

Working Hours
You can find the applicable rates for allowances and overtime in the specific collective agreements.
For all, it is applicable that ad hoc tasks alone can constitute an insignificant part of the working hours.

Agriculture: The weekly working hours are 37 hours and are scheduled from Monday to Friday between 06:00 AM and 06:00 PM.
For stable work: The normal working hours are 37 hours per week or 296 hours in an 8-week period and can be scheduled on all days of the week, around the clock.
See current salary rate

Greenhouses and Plant Nurseries: The weekly working hours are 37 hours and can be arranged according to the provisions of the collective agreement.
See current salary rate 

Forestry: The weekly working hours are 37 hours and are scheduled from Monday to Friday between 06:00 AM and 06:00 PM
See current salary rate